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Most professional manufacturer of heat cutting tools from China, Provide you perfect products and solutions for heat cutting of styrofoam,xps foam, sponge, EVA, fabric, plastic etc

Esay cutting for foam products.

The hot knife cutter can be used for easy cutting of EPS foam, XPS foam, EPE foam, sponge, EVA etc.,without chipping.

Fabric cutting without loose thread

Using a hot knife cutting non-woven fabrics,fiber fabric,nylon fabric,banner,canvas,tarpaulin,banner, silk, awning etc.,make sure cutting edge neat, without loose thread.

Styrofoam Grooving

The hot knife use together with the groover and the bendable blade, it can do various shape grooving of EPS foam, EPE foam and sponge.

Good tools for cutting webbing and ropes

For webbing and rope products,the hot knife cutter is a practical cutting tool.

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